In-Depth Automated Audit

Avoid unnecessary shipping costs, and save up to 10% of your shipping fees. * Over 50 perspectives to check billing errors and automate credit back these errors to your next invoice from the carrier.

Billing Reconciliation

Provide the customized logisticss billing reconciliation services for the third-party warehousing industry, and provide the correct charges to the user based on your quotations

Cost Management

View all your shipping costs and invocie in one place. Simplify logisticss complexities.

Rate Simulation

Allow you to simulate the shipping rates based on user-defind discount level that will better assists the discount negotiation process with your logistics providers.

Contract Performace Anailsys Report

Based on the billing analysis results, allow you to better understand your contract and where you stand, provide you the ability to negotiate a better discount with your logistics providers, and further reduce your overall shipping costs.